Christian Schemm is a music producer, Tonmeister, and audio engineer born in Germany in 1981. His passion for music began at a young age. He received a classical music education in trumpet, guitar, and piano and excelled in numerous music competitions during his youth. Christian later enrolled in the master class course for solo trumpet at the Conservatory in Würzburg, receiving instruction from Fred Miles of Canadian Brass and Richard Steward.


Having toured extensively throughout Germany as a guitarist, trumpet player, and singer, Christian has participated in more than 1,000 gigs and concerts across a range of musical genres, from classical to rock/pop and metal, since 1997.

In 2005, he began studying audio engineering in Munich and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Recording Arts (Honours).


Today, Christian wears many hats, working as a producer, engineer, and songwriter across Germany. He is the founder of the recording & mixing complex AFW STUDIOS and the music label, AUDIOFACHWERK (www.audiofachwerk.de), based in Franconia, Germany. In 2013, one of his productions was honored with the German Rock & Pop Award for the best-produced German-language CD album.


Additionally, Christian is the CEO of Schemm Pro Audio and is the visionary behind the revolutionary robotic microphone system, STEREOBLADE, a high-end solution for positioning microphones in stereo recordings.